Common Misconceptions about Group Fitness

Welcome back guys!

We haven't done a post in awhile. This time we are going to talk truths.

The term "Group Fitness" commonly sparks fear in people. In fact, years ago I was even shy to jump in a class myself. 

If you are having troubles getting to class on account of one of the following reasons, l urge you to reconsider. 

1. "I'm not in good enough shape to attend a group class."

WHHHAHTTT?!? If that is your go to excuse for not trying out a class at THE LAB think again. You are in the perfect shape to start. Group Fitness classes are designed for clients of all fitness levels. We expect to have lots of clients with different needs and we are inspired by the challenge! Instructors at Fit Lab Kauai offer modifications for every move. Whether you need more or less, we have your back. Unless you have a medical condition that limits your activity level you will successfully finish any class and feel amazing after. 

2. "Working out in a group is EMBARRASSING!"

Ok this should have been #1. I think I have heard I am not a people person 100 times since we've opened. Lucky for you that is not a requirement. Just like you all the clients in the room came for a workout. No one goes to class to people watch! We spend 1 hour or less in class or on our bike where your biggest critic is you. We sweat together, we work together, then we leave. Be proud of your sweat! You earned it. 

3. "Group Fitness is Just For Girls!"

Don't flatter yourself boys. We work so hard at THE LAB. I challenge you to join us haha. Cycle is our most popular class amongst the men on Kauai. Trust that you will not be alone on your journey. 

4. "The instructor is soo hard!"

I can speak for all of us at THE LAB when I say that we really want to improve our members health and see changes. Instructors want you to be satisfied with your results! We also know statistics prove that over half of new group fitness members will quit their new routine within three months of joining a club due to the intensity level of class or even due to injury. Keeping this in mind we plan accordingly and offer modifications for intense movements and encourage perfect form. All of our instructors are certified in their craft. Although everyone has their own style of teaching we all agree that our number 1 goal is to get you back in class the next week. Challenge yourself! You are unstoppable.

You're not alone if you've assumed the worst about Group Fitness. THE LAB is here for you when you are ready to start your journey. As a new member we are happy to offer you with a $65 UNLIMITED MONTH New Member Welcome Package. Available at your first visit or purchase online before you attend. 

Looking forward to meeting you!

Krisy & The Lab Team

ps. NO this is NOT a selfie of the team

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