Cycle Advice from COSMO! (& your FLK team)

Well hello there! Thanks for visiting the blog portion of our site. This creative space will allow our instructors to share tips on how to maximize your experience during class! 

I recently stumbled across an amazing article while I was browsing Pinterest and thought I would share with all of you. Bree Branker from Flywheel & the writers at Cosmo focus on the common mistakes we all make on our bikes and give advice on the best ways to combat these errors.

I personally found the article so inspiring that I wanted to share some of my own experiences with a few of the most important points.

#1 Arrival Time & Set Up

Bike set up is CRUCIAL to performance and more importantly SAFETY. Although our bikes are set out and ready to roll it takes time to personalize them. Our cycle instructors arrive 10-15 min before class starts and encourage you do arrive early as well. During this time they are able work one on one with you during set up!

If you do arrive late it is important to know the following things about bike set up.

- Measure the bike seat to line up with your hip bone

- Handel bars in line with the seat or just a click higher

- Never skip the warm up! If you miss the warm up dedicate an entire song to a steady pedal with light resistance regardless of what the group has moved to.






#2 Posture on the Bike

During class its important to remember to ride with your chest raised and your gaze forward keeping your spine in a neutral position and always practice a light grip on the handle bars. Keep your shoulders away from your ears and elbows tucked in to avoid putting to much pressure on your joints.  If you have trouble remembering to soften your grip release your fingers and open your palms. Your instructor will often instruct you to check your grip at Fit Lab Kauai.  

- Chest Raised

- Gaze Forward

- Neutral Spine

- Light Grip

- Shoulders away from ears

When I first opened this article I was thrilled! There is nothing more exciting to me than perfecting things haha. I thought, "Why not add a little extra challenge to my workout and give these tips a try?!" followed by "OMG I need to share this with everyone at the studio!!" With the help of Sara and Ken we assure you, in no time you'll leave the studio more confident and satisfied with your ride!

Thanks for reading fellow Lab Rats! See you in class xx



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